St Mark's C of E Primary School

Loving, growing and succeeding together

St Mark's in the Community


Community & Wellbeing is a hugely important part of our provision here at St Mark's.  We are lucky to have both Miss Jen Fullwood and Mrs Karen Morris working in the Safari Room.  Simply, they soften the edges of the school and 'sprinkle sugar'.  They work with children to help them through any concerns, worries and difficulties that they may have.  Furthermore, they always find time for parents and families. Quite often, parents will drop in for a cup of tea and a chat.  At St Mark's everybody has a somebody. 


We value the importance of reaching out and working with families and the community; forging links at the earliest possible time is an important part of that.  As such, the school has set up a free Playgroup available for parents of older children in school and prospective parents.


It provides a chance to come and play with your child in a relaxed and friendly environment alongside Early Years staff.  Hot and cold drinks are provided towards the end of the session before coming together to sing Nursery Rhymes!