St Mark's C of E Primary School

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The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator for St Mark's CE Primary School is:


Mrs Gemma Smith (Deputy Head Teacher)

TEL: 01384 818935


At St. Mark’s we recognise that at some point in a school career, children may require extra support to aid learning or behaviour; and our Special Educational Policy is in line with the revised National Code of Practice 2014.Our teaching staff are alert to this and make every effort to ensure that any problems are identified early and appropriate actions initiated. Happily, many of these issues are of a temporary nature and can be met through quality first teaching within the classroom.


We hold regular Pupil progress meetings which enable us to identify and track children who may need some intervention to support their learning; a provision overview is provided below. 


However, for some children learning difficulties are more complex and persistent and with parents’ permission, help can be requested from External Specialists. We work closely with professional colleagues from the Learning Support, Speech and Language, Hearing and Visually Impaired services; Educational Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Behavioural units such as The Sycamore Partnership.


We aim to treat all our pupils as individuals at St. Mark’s and encourage all our children to recognise their own strengths and areas for development.


Any concerns can be discussed with a child’s teacher, Head/Deputy Head or Mrs. Smith our school Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)