St Mark's C of E Primary School

Loving, growing and succeeding together

Priorities for the Academic Year

The whole school priorities are listed below.  Through our work in addressing these, the school will focus on:


  1. Refining the organisation of the educational provision to further scaffold and differentiate the curriculum so the needs of groups of children can be better met.  This will include the reorganisation of phases to include both straight-age and mixed-age classes, and the analysis and evaluation of interventions. 
  2. Building upon the work on mathematical fluency, the school will focus on reasoning; equipping learners with the logical and critical thinking in order to work out the correct strategy to use (and as importantly, not to use) in reaching a solution for a mathematical problem. 
  3. Further disseminate the leader-leader model beyond the Senior Leadership Team, thus creating an increasingly sustainable leadership model.  Wider Curriculum Leaders are to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead their area with greater independence and confidence.
  4. Develop the rigour of assessment processes so they are increasingly purposeful; they are to provide teaching staff and leaders with the agency as what to do next.