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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

St Mark's Staff Team for 2017 / 2018


Senior Leadership Team

Head teacher                          Mrs Carole Smith

Deputy Head teacher             Mrs Helen Flower

Assistant Head teacher          Mrs Jess Rich

Assistant Head teacher          Mrs Michelle Makarounas

Business Manager                  Mrs Linda Rowley


Whole School Support

SENCO                                  Mrs Michelle Makarounas

Wellbeing and Behaviour       Miss Jen Fullwood


Administration Support (school office)

Morning                                  Mrs Kay Stringfellow

Afternoon                               Miss Andrea Bayton


Teaching staff

Early Years

Caterpillars   Nursery             Mrs Faye Walker / Miss Claire Davies 

Ladybirds      Reception         Mrs Deb Taylor / Mrs Jennifer Alexander 

Butterflies      Reception         Mr Josh Perks


Main School

Badgers          Year 1               Mrs Gwenfys Groucutt

Hedgehogs     Year 1               Miss Hannah Partridge

Foxes              Years 2/3          Miss Rebecca Godwin

Newton            Years 2            Miss Emily Field

Darwin             Years 3            Miss Lauren Tranter

Shakespeare   Years 4            Miss Louise Price

Churchill          Year 5              Mr John Wood (temporary)

Nightingale     Years 5/6          Miss Katie Clarke

Dickens          Year 6               Miss Stephanie Williams

(Supporting Years 5/6             Mrs Michelle Roberts)



Higher Level Teaching Support Staff

Early Years                            Mrs Michelle Bowater


Main School                           Mrs Julie Eaton                         

                                               Mrs Mel Thomas


Teaching Support Staff

Early Years                           Mrs Carol Eaton

                                              Mrs Charlotte Preece

                                              Miss Lyse Simon

                                              Miss Karina Taylor



Main School                          Mrs Lara Keasey

                                              Mrs Claire Markham

                                              Mrs Emma Wright

                                             Miss Helen Gwilliam

                                              Mrs Annemarie Orme

                                              Mrs Natalie Kowolik

                                              Miss Kristi McConnell 

                                              Miss Samantha Guest

                                              Mrs Vicky Jones

                                              Mrs Gemma Westley


SEN Teaching Support Staff

                                              Miss Leanne Healey

                                              Mrs Ruth Smith

                                              Mrs Gail Hudson

                                              Miss Nicola Askins


Lunchtime Supervisor Staff

Lunchtime Superintendent    Mrs Gail Hudson


Lunchtime Supervisors         Mrs Emma Wright

                                              Mrs Donna Humphries

                                              Ms Julie Pugh

                                              Miss Nicola Askins

                                              Miss Lisa Robertson

                                              Mrs Kim Crowdy


Site Management Staff

Site Manager                        Mr Mick Round

Site Assistant                        Mr Daniel Wood


Cleaners                               Mrs Mandy Smith

                                             Mrs Julie Aston

                                             Mrs Jayne Cox

                                             Mr Daniel Wood


Specialist Guest Staff 2017 / 2018

French teacher                     Mrs Claire Jones

PE teacher                           Vacancy

Sports Apprentice                 Mr Joseph Cleary

Music teachers                     Mr Julian Powell (Dudley Performing Arts) Drumming Yrs 2 & 3

                                             Mr Matthew Colley (Dudley Performing Arts) Vocals Yrs 4,5 & 6