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Sports Premium


Sports Premium Funding for 2015 – 2016

Impact Statement


The Government has provided additional funding for the academic year 2015/2016 to improve the provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. Jointly funded by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, this money is allocated to primary Head teachers. However, the funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.



How the funding was spent?

What difference did this make for our children? IMPACT

Hiring a specialist and experienced PE teacher to develop learning opportunities and key skills for our pupils.

We chose ‘Sport Link’ to help us to improve and implement good quality PE teaching and opportunities at St Mark’s.

Following a rolling programme all classes across the school have benefitted from Monday PE lessons with a specialist teacher.

All children have been encouraged to participate in sporting activities and as a consequence have turned up regularly with the correct kit and improved attitude which has then carried naturally on into classroom work situations.



Having the specialist PE teacher actively work alongside our staff to plan and teach lessons increasing skills and knowledge to secure effective PE teaching.




The result of this is staff teaching PE throughout the week with a greater confidence.

Running after school sport clubs giving pupils access to more specific skills teaching and opportunities to establish participation habits and commitment.

The number of pupils taking part in extracurricular clubs has steadily increased over the year.

The clubs are offering a broader exposure to a wider range of sports and skills.

Buying specialist resources for PE

Having equipment that meets the needs of the pupils allows skills to be mastered more appropriately and encourages staff to teach with a greater degree of confidence.


Increasing opportunities for our pupils to take part in competitive sport activities

This year St Mark’s has had teams representing the school in a Gymnastic tournament in Halesowen, a golf tournament in Sedgley and an inter school athletic tournament at Crestwoood Senior school.


This means that St.Mark’s have become part of a sporting network and gives us competitions and events to sign up to for the next academic year.






Sports Premium Funding for 2016/2017


Number of Pupils & Pupil Premium Grant  (PPG) received


Total number of pupils on role




Total amount of Sports Premium received



Objectives in spending Sports Premium Grant

  • To develop the teaching and learning of PE across the school
  • To provide opportunities for enhanced physical activities throughout the school day
  • To increase the opportunities for positive competitive sport/activities
  • To increase the overall health and fitness levels of our primary aged children.



For the current academic year, School Governors have allocated Pupil Premium funding in the following ways:





Work with Sport Link

To develop the teaching and learning of PE



To provide professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport



To offer after school sports clubs to enable pupils to utilise a range of skills and establishing participation habits.



To run sports competitions or increasing pupil’s participation in competitions.


To employ an Apprentice

To assist with the physical activity sessions throughout the school including lunchtime and after school clubs.




Total proposed spend



£ 10,410




Expected Outcomes

  • Our children will have been enabled to participate in a range of activities and purposeful quality sporting PE sessions.
  • School staff will increase their skills in teaching high quality lessons and assessing pupil performance more rigorously.
  • To identify our strengths and areas for development and provide us with feedback on how to improve our best practice.
  • More engagement with physical activity during lunch times
  •  Increased opportunity for sporting activities within the school curriculum and as extra-curriculum activities.
  • St Mark’s to have taken part in competitive events with other schools across the borough.