St Mark's C of E Primary School

Loving, growing and succeeding together

Priorities for 2022-2023

The whole school priorities are listed below.  Through our work in addressing these, the school will focus on:


  1. Embedding the provision for reading, so children are able to confidently access the entire curriculum and successfully transition to the next stage of the educational career. 
  2. Ensuring that the Wider Curriculum is refined so it reflects the community and local area, with Trips, Visits and Experiences that are fully funded by the school.
  3. Equipping teachers with the skills that develops children's oral ability, so they are able to access and articulate their learning as well as forming links between subjects and curriculum content. 
  4. Continue to forge close and effective links with the community.  This will include expanding after-school clubs, links with the Church and parent and family workshop, including our very own St Mark's Playgroup for children aged 0-3.  Furthermore, we will be working with the children to develop their sense of social injustice so they will be equipped to be Courageous Advocates. 
  5. Evaluate our assessment strategies so information is used to inform the quality of teaching within lessons and across the week, term and academic year.