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Our School Values

Enjoy, achieve, succeed


As you walk into our lovely church school, you cannot help but 'feel' that you are entering a significantly special place. St Mark's is a unique school for all who come here, full of welcome and warmth. Our school values are at the core of everything we do; they underpin our teaching and learning and the way we meet every child's behavioural needs, their emotional health and well-being. Our values provide an environment which enables our children to develop as confident and happy young people. At St Mark's CE Primary School, we value everyone and we make every day count.


Our school is not defined by rules; it has grown and is continually nourished by Christian values which are reflected in all aspects of the life and work of the school.




As a church school, we must shape the education of our children and enrich their values in the wisdom and understanding of the Christian faith. Of the numerous Christian Values, the children of St Mark's embrace six chosen core values - chosen by the children themselves for our school:


Friendship - "You need to have good friendships to be able to enjoy school and learn from each other. You need to be able to ask for help from your friends when you need them."

At St Mark's:

  • We support and encourage friendships by providing opportunities for our children to work co-operatively and collaboratively in pairs and in groups
  • We find ways to support and include children who might be left out of friendship groups
  • We help our children to restore broken friendships and promote forgiveness and resolution
  • We help our children to know where they might receive advice and support if they need it


Courage - "You need to be able to ask for help, stand up in front of others and to have a go"

At St Mark's

  • We help members of our school community who are facing difficult times
  • We encourage others to share their fears and worries
  • We help and support children to face up to incidents of unkindness and even bullying
  • We recognise and celebrate strength and courage in our school community 
  • We encourage the sharing of friendships with each other 


Thankfulness - "You need to be thankful because it is polite and important to use your manners"

At St Mark's

  • We encourage an appreciative and thankful attitude in all members of our school community
  • We raise the consciousness of being thankful for those things we often take for granted
  • We encourage and expect our children to show gratitude in practical ways in all that we do throughout the school day


Trust - "You need to be able to trust that teachers are there to help, as well as friends and your family so that you can learn."

At St Mark's

  • We show, in the things that we do, what it means to have trust in others
  • We work to control our behaviours and our emotions when trust has clearly been broken
  • We know who can we turn to and learn from and that there are different kinds of trust in our school community


Forgiveness - "You need to forgive your friends to make friendships work."

At St Mark's

  • We help each other to accept that we all make mistakes and that we all need forgiveness from each other
  • We help each other to make amends for our mistakes 
  • We help each other to understand that forgiveness is always possible
  • We show that forgiveness and an acceptance of all builds the life of our school  community 


Respect - "You need to respect friends, parents, teachers and equipment in school. You need to treat each other as we would want to be treated ourselves."

At St Mark's

  • Our children are given the opportunity in school to experience feelings of awe, wonder and mystery
  • We encourage children to show their respect for each other and for adults in sour school community
  • Our children are encouraged to value and respect their own and other people's belongings
  • We encourage our children to value and respect our school and to take a pride in themselves for all that they achieve here
  • All our work at St Mark's in policy and in practice engenders respect for all members of our school community







We care for our children as unique individuals, taking time to develop and celebrate their interests, talents and personalities. We want our children to enjoy school, to feel safe and to try hard and achieve success. We continually strive to build a happy and trusting partnership with our parents and families to ensure that every child is able to achieve to the very best of their ability.



Our Cycle of Values throughout the school year


Each half term, as a school community, we learn about and reflect on one of our core Christian Values and what it means to each and every one of us in our lives at school, in our family lives and for ourselves. Each week begins with an Assembly by Mrs Smith, our Head teacher, who engages the school community in thought and prayer around our Christian value for the half term. On Wednesdays, Cannon Sue continues to enrich the children with Bible stories and church traditions related to our Christian value.  


Autumn 1 - Friendship - at the start of the new school year, new classes and new friendships forming across the school community. We welcome new children and adults into our school


Autumn 2 - Thankfulness - there are lots of opportunities to be thankful; at this time we are thankful for the Harvest, for those we remember during Remembrance and for the gift of the special baby at Christmas


Spring 1 - Trust - as we continue to work hard in all that we do, now is an ideal time to reflect on those we trust, those we can lean on for support and guidance. We reflect on how we show that we can be trusted


Spring 2 - Forgiveness - we all need to forgive and be forgiven throughout the year as we make mistakes and are sometimes wronged in some way: as we move towards Easter, we reflect on a very special act of forgiveness


Summer 1 - Courage - the need for both courage and encouragement is with us throughout the school year. However, we reflect on this value particularly in this term as various challenges are to be faced from SATs tests in Year 6 to Sports Day for everyone. It is a time when we start to think about the challenge of change - new classes and new schools - for the future


Summer 2 - Respect - respect is the golden thread that binds us all together throughout all aspects of our school life. It weaves though all our hard work, our caring relationships with each other and our beautiful environment of which we are so proud. Now is the time to celebrate our very special and unique school and what it means to each and every one of us