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Years 4 & 5 - Dickens

Welcome to Dickens!

Hello! We are an intelligent, caring and happy class of 12 year 4 children and 12 year 5 children. Our class teacher is Miss Price and our teaching assistant is Mrs Gwilliam. Sometimes during the week Mrs Thomas, our HLTA, also supports us.

​Our page will share with you all of the hard work we do as well as all of the fun times we have.

Keep a look out for photo's and blogs popping up soon!

Groovy Greeks!

Our topic this term is Greece; modern and ancient. This half term we have researched, using texts and the internet, how ancient Greek's lived, and how they have influenced how we live nowadays. As part of our topic, we have been completing exciting homework tasks such as planning a holiday to Greece with a set budget, researching Zorba music and researching Greek Gods. Our art lessons have enabled us to learn about Greek pottery and we thought that we would have a go at creating a replica for ourselves using the coil and pinch method - take a look at us during the process!

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This half term our class have been attending swimming lessons at Dudley Leisure Centre. Every Monday morning, we travel to Dudley to receive high quality lessons that teach us important techniques to enable us to become confident swimmers. Our swimming teachers are Les and Sue.