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Year 4 - Shakespeare

Welcome to Year 4

In our class there are 33 children. 

We have lots of adults to help us: 

Miss Price (our teacher) 

Mrs Thomas (our HLTA) 

Mrs Gwilliam (our TA) 

Mrs Markham (our TA) 

Our Weekly Timetable 

Fire Service

We have been visited by our local fire service to teach us about the dangers around us. We learnt the reason why prank phone calls to 999 can be so dangerous, how to identify dangers around our homes, what to do if we ever find ourselves in a fire and how to stay safe when crossing the road.



We are a class full of mathematicians; we crunch our numbers like we do our Cornflakes! 

In every Maths lesson, we practise our fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. We also have extra fluency and reasoning sessions each week. 

Every Friday we sit an arithmetic and a reasoning/problem solving test and we LOVE to see our scores going up each week. 

Additionally, we are focusing on learning our times tables up to 12x12, as well as the related division facts.

Take a look at some of our Maths work below! 


Books, books and more books. There is a reason that our class is called Shakespeare- we love reading! 

By the end of year 4, we should be reading grey colour banded books, but guess what? Half of us have whizzed passed that colour and are now reading sapphire and some of us even ruby books!

We are very good at reading our colour banded books, but we also enjoy taking home novels from our class book corner.  

Our shared text this half term is Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson and Miss Price is also reading us Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J K Rowling before we go home each day. 

Take a look at us being book worms! 


Our stationary budget is being chipped away at by all of the handwriting pens we go through each week - the ink just cannot keep up with the amount we write! 

So far this year we have written: a fantasy story, a newspaper, a magazine, a poem, a story set in the past and an explanation text. We have also written shorter pieces such as character and setting descriptions, letters and diaries. 

Not only do we write in our English lessons, but we also practise our writing skills in History, Geography, Science and R.E. 

When we write, we use lots of things to help us produce the best writing that we can: words around the classroom, grammar reminders on our grammar board, dictionaries to check our spellings, thesauruses to help us find synonyms for ‘boring’ words and checklists that we create ourselves. 

Handwriting is also important to us and we are trying our very best to improve it everyday. We have a chart in our classroom (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) so we know where we currently are and what our next steps are. 

Take a look at some of our writing below. 


Our Science topic this half term is ‘Animals including Humans’. We are now able to identify the parts of the digestive system and explain the purpose of each organ, we have compared human digestive systems to humans and have explored, drawn and labelled food chains. 

Take a look at our work below. 


Why is the river Thames so important to London? 

We have been exploring this question this half term by looking at and drawing maps, researching the uses of the river and the jobs it provides for Londoners and researching rivers in other cities around the world. 

Scroll down to see some of our topic work. 


Last term, most of us visited Dudley Leisure Centre every Wednesday afternoon to take swimming lessons. This term, the children who didn’t go swimming before Christmas are now attending lessons on a Wednesday. 

We also have an extra P.E. lesson on Tuesdays; this half term we are learning dance. 

In our dance lessons, we are learning how to improvise and choreograph our own routines based on our river topic.

Take a look at our photo’s below to see us in action. 


We are so lucky to be taught French by our lovely specialist teacher, Madame Jones. 

Through games, we have learnt how to have conversations with each other speaking in French. We have also started to write phrases and short sentences in the French language. 


Every Thursday afternoon, we are taught how to sing beautifully by our specialist music teacher, Mr Colley. He not only teaches us how to sing, but he also teaches us musical vocabulary such as: pitch, duration, staccato and much more. 

Some of us attended the Dudley Perfoming Arts Christmas Singing Gala back in December and one of our class mates, Ciara, sang a solo - she rocked! 

This term we are learning songs from well-known musicals that all have a ‘fantasy’ theme. 

Scroll down to see us singing at the top of our lungs. 


We are learning how to code through a special program called ‘Scratch’.