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Year 3 - Darwin



Welcome to our class page. We are a year 3 class.

We have 28 children in our class altogether.


Our class teacher is Miss Tranter and our teaching assistant is Mrs Wright.

Mrs Eaton, our HLTA works in our classroom sometimes too!






This half term our PE lessons are on a Monday afternoon. Please make sure you have your full kits with you every week and that all earrings are removed.


Reading Books


We change the children's reading books everyday and every time your child has changed their book they will get a sticker for their chart. When they have completed their chart they are entitled to a prize from our prize box! Please encourage your child to read as much as possible and comment in their diary. We like to know how well they have read and if they could answer any questions about the book.




We send our spellings home every Thursday and our spelling tests are the following Friday. Please encourage your children to practise at home. 


Our Achievements


Well done Darwin for winning Attendance Ted!



Maths Challenge


Three of our children from Darwin class, took part in a maths challenge at Saltwells Education Centre. We are very proud of their achievements and for representing St Mark's. Well done!







In English we have been learning about writing instructions. We have researched and compared lots of different instructions for different things and have made our own instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. Miss Tranter followed two sets of instructions on how to make a jam sandwich and we all got to try one! We talked about the two sets of instructions and we knew which set of instructions were a better set to follow and why. We were able to label all the features of a good set of instructions and talk about the features that were missing from a bad set of instructions and talk about why it was hard to follow.




In Maths we have been learning about money. We have been working out different ways of making set amounts using different coins, adding different amounts of coins together and also working out change that people would need when they buy something from a shop.