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Year 1 - Hedgehogs

Welcome to Year 1 - Hedgehogs!


Staff working in Hedgehogs are;

Miss Tranter

Mrs Hudson

Miss Woods

Mrs Bowater


There are 21 children in Hedgehogs.


Important Information


PE Day = Monday (Please ensure your child has their PE kit every Monday!)

Reading Books = Please regularly read with your child at home! Encourage your child to independently change their book in school after you have signed their reading records.

High Frequency and Tricky Words = If you are able to spend just 5 minutes a day helping your child to learn to read and spell these words, it will have a huge impact on their reading. 


Diary Dates:



Saturday 10th December - Breakfast with Santa

Thursday 15th December - Carol Service at St Mark's Church - 10am

Friday 16th December - School closes for Christmas




Home Learning Challenges


This half term Year 1 have been set 5 home learning challenges to complete and a minimum of 4 must be completed. The home learning is linked to the topic of superheroes.


The home learning can be completed in any order and handed in at any point during the term but it must be handed in by Monday 12th December of the final week of the half term.


Children will receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate for each piece of home learning completed. When deciding the level of the award that each child will receive staff will look for effort, presentation and the independence demonstrated by each child




D & T

Design and make a superhero cape. Include your design plan.


Draw and describe a poppy linked to Remembrance Sunday.





Find out what the local area of Pensnett used to be like in the past.


With the help of an adult record what you have found out through drawings, writing or photographs.



Create something using the method of weaving.


Example of weaving:



Practise and record number bonds to 10 or 20.



1+9=10        6+4=10





Please read daily with your child and record in the reading diary that you have shared a story.



Thank you






Our New Outside Area






DT - Following a recipe


We have been learning how to follow a recipe in DT. We looked at a recipe on how to make cakes and followed it to make our own fairy cakes. We then evaluated our cakes on the texture, how we thought they looked and how we thought they tasted. We all thought they were yummy!



PE - Gymnastics


In PE we have been doing Gymnastics. We have been learning different ways to balance on different parts of our body and also we have been learning how to roll.



History Topic - Old Toys


In History we have been learning about Old Toys. We have talked about what we knew about the differences between old and new toys and where we can get them from today. We were very lucky to have a visitor to come into school and talk to us about old toys. Mrs Hargreaves brought in some of her toys from when she was a little girl to show us.


These were the toys that she brought in. The first toy she showed us was Bunny who was 71 years old! She then showed us Agnus her doll that was made for her by her aunty Agnus. Other toys she brought in to show us were an old jigsaw puzzle, a Heidi book, a wooden pencil case, a printing set, marbles and tiddly winks! We were able to see how they were different to new toys today.



Science - Materials


In science we have been learning about materials. We talked about what we already knew about  materials and the difference between natural and man-made materials. We went on a walk on the field with a lollipop stick that had sticky tape on both sides to collect some natural and man-made materials. We found lots of different materials and filled our lollipop sticks and then talked to a partner about if the materials we found were natural or man-made.


We then went on a walk around school to see if we could find some materials inside. We looked for wood, metal, plastic, fabric and glass. We made a tally chart when we found a material and then we had a class discussion about what we found.





Science Experiment - Which material would be the most suitable for an umbrella for Teddy?


We did a class experiment to find the best material to make an umbrella to keep Teddy dry. We had one jar with Teddy inside and we put each material over the top of the jar with an elastic band and put on a small amount of water from a cup each time and left the water on the top of the material for one minute. We all predicted as a class that the paper, tissue paper and the card weren’t going to be waterproof but we thought that the plastic wallet would be the best material as it would keep Teddy dry. Here were our results.





Not Waterproof


Tissue Paper


The water went straight through the tissue paper.



The water eventually went through the card and we thought it wasn’t flexible enough to be an umbrella.





The water went through the paper and left a hole in the paper!

Plastic Wallet


No water got through the plastic wallet and it was very flexible.




Macmillan Coffee Morning - Friday 30th September


We designed and decorated a cake to sell at break time to support and raise money for the Macmillan Coffee Morning!


Thank you for supporting St Marks to raise money for this event!



Our School Trip - Build-A-Bear Shop


On Wednesday 5th October we went to Merry Hill to visit the Build-A-Bear shop. We were very lucky as we were able to choose our own class bear! After a class vote we chose a dog and decided to call her Rosie. Once we had made Rosie we all gave her a cuddle and a good brush! We then chose a batgirl outfit for her to wear and got her dressed. We were then able to play some fun games such as Rosie Says and Hide and Seek with Rosie. We had a brilliant afternoon at the Build-A-Bear shop and we look forward to sending Rosie home with a Hedgehog every weekend to see what you get up to!



Harvest Festival Service - Thursday 13th October


On Thursday we went to St Mark's Church for our Harvest Festival Service. It was our first visit to the Church and we walked up together with other years from school. We listened to some readings about Harvest Festival and we learnt that we celebrate the annual harvest and that we bring gifts of food to poor people. We sang some Harvest songs such as 'Autumn Days' which we have been practising in assembly.


Many thanks to any parents that have donated any gifts of food for our Harvest display. This year the harvest goods will be donated to the Brierley Hill Food Bank. They are always grateful for our generous gifts and the help we are offering to those in our community who are less fortunate than ourselves during these economically challenging times.


Picture 1

Teddy Bears Picnic


On Wednesday 19th October we made jam sandwiches for our teddy bears picnic! We followed our instructions that we had written on how to make them and then we used some shape cutters to cut our sandwiches into different shapes. We talked about the different shapes that we used and their properties. Then we had our picnic with our favourite teddy bears whilst eating our jam sandwiches!




Our Trip to Church to see the War Memorial


On Monday 14th November we walked up to church to see the War Memorial. We put down our own school wreath of poppies on the steps and listened to Reverend Sue talking about the people that died in the war. We had a minutes silence and then went and looked around the church.




Our Visitor: A Policeman!


On Monday 28th November a policeman came in to talk to Badgers and Hedgehogs class. The policeman explained to us what his job was - to keep us all safe! He also showed us his uniform and some of the things he carries round with him and what he has to do with them if he needs to use them. One thing he told us to remember is to always say hello to a policeman if we see one when we're out with our parents!