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Year 1 - Butterflies

Welcome to Year 1

2018 - 2019


        The staff who work in Year 1 B class are:

                           Mrs Groucutt                          

 Mrs Eaton


    We have 30 children in Year 1 B.






Your child will come home with a card folder in their book bag. Every day (except Friday) there will be a sheet with the words and sentences they have learnt in phonics. Please support them to read and spell all the words at home.


If you need any help, please come and ask.


Please make sure your child has a P.E kit in school and that any jewellery is removed or covered. 

Our P.E day is Wednesday and our first lesson is the 12th September. We will have a lesson with the sports coach every other week.


Reading books

Please read with child as often as possible. They have a reading diary which you need to sign when you have read together. Every time you sign their book, your child will have a sticker to wear, a sticker on their chart and a golden book entry. Your child can change their book every day as long as you have signed their diary. Please also let me know, through the diary, if they have read other books from home or the library.







Please encourage your child to log on to RM unify.


How to login:

  1. Search for RM Unify login through a search engine such as Yahoo! Or Google. Or type in

  2. Type in their user name and password. If you have lost this, please ask and we will give you another copy.

You will then be taken to our RM Unify home page where your child will be familiar with the different apps which they use at school.

You can also access Phonics Play, another app we use at school:

Again if your child can't remember the user name and password please ask.