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Class Teacher 

Mrs Taylor



Mrs Bowater


Teaching Assistants  

Miss Taylor

Miss Healy


Autumn Term

It has been a huge half term for us in Ladybirds because it has been our first few weeks of starting school! Some of us were a little nervous to begin with but we soon settled in and coming to school is now part of our every day life! We like to come to school and we love to learn!!! Take a look at us on our first few weeks in Reception......

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In Literacy we have been learning how to read and write all of the sounds from the alphabet. We have even been learning how to read and write simple words. Some of us are even starting to write captions. Take a look at what we have been doing.....


We have been learning lots in Maths this term. We have been learning how to recognise our numbers, how to make patterns using shapes, adding single numbers together and positional language! There is lots that we have learnt so far!

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Our first topic was all about 'Changes'. We talked about the changes in our own lives as well as the changes around us. We went on an exciting Autumn walk, which helped us to learn all about the changes that happen at this time of year

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RE in Reception

RE is a very important part of our learning in Reception. We have been thinking about friendship and thankfulness. We have done lots of speaking and listening activities in RE where we have learnt how to express ourselves. We read the Bible story 'Jonah and the big whale' and this helped us to understand the importance of friendship and friends. We also wrote thank you cards for our families.

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Choosing time In Reception

We choose to do lots of exciting things in our choosing time.....