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Reception – Butterflies

Welcome to Butterflies Class!


We have 22 children in our class.



Class Teacher - Mr Perks

HLTA - Mrs Bowater

TA - Mrs Foley



In Butterflies Class we love to learn! We do Literacy and Maths every morning. In the afternoons we do Phonics. We do lots of fun activities in between these lessons!



Our Topic at the moment is 'People Who Help Us'. We have been talking about police officers, fire fighters, lifeguards, vets, doctors and lots of other people who help us. After this topic we will be learning about Spring and Easter.  


In Literacy and Phonics we are currently working on Phase 3. Some of the sounds that we have learnt include; sh, ch, th, ng, oi, ar, igh, oa, ai, er. We have been learning how to write CVC words (cat,dog,leg,hat etc), captions (a red rug, a sad man, a pin on a map etc) and simple sentences (I went to the park.)


In Maths, we have been naming 3D shapes (sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone). We have also been recognising numbers to 20 and putting them into the right order. We can also double and halve numbers and use objects to help us to add and subtract.


We have lots of wonderful areas in our classroom where we can deepen our learning. We have a 'Creative Area', 'Fine Motor Skills Area', 'Writing Area', 'Role Play Area', 'Reading Corner' and a 'Phonics Area'.