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Keep our children safe!


This is a plea to all our parents – the safety of our children!

Road developments – Pensnett High St


We know that you are all very aware of the grave difficulties and challenges currently facing our families when getting the children across the busy road and into school safely. Understandably, feelings of anger and frustration are running high for everyone using the road – cars drivers and pedestrians alike and this could potentially have serious consequences. It is  likely that we are all worried for the safety of our children.


The school is working closely with the management of the School Crossing Patrol who provide this service for our children and they are working equally closely with the engineers responsible for the management of the High St road works to find solutions to the problems around pedestrians crossing the road in safety and so keeping our children safe.


Our plea to you is to ask that you help us and work with us by doing the following:


  • Please follow all the instructions of the crossing patrol person by waiting and then crossing when advised that this is safe to do so – STRICTLY when they have clearly stopped the traffic and they beckon you to cross.

  • Please hold the hands of your younger children at all times when crossing the road so that nothing unexpected can happen

  • Please keep full control of ALL your children – preferably have them by your side – when you cross the road.


W cannot stress to you too much how important it is that we work together on this. Unfortunately, the potential ‘unexpected’  referred to could potentially be caused by adults and children nipping across the road if they think they see a gap in traffic instead of waiting for the crossing patrol to stop the traffic, little ones running across this busy road without holding someone’s hand and then getting distracted and the older children being more excitable coming out of school and so impatient when crossing the road; they do take silly risks and we need to stop this from happening.


As a school, we would be most grateful if you could support us and the school crossing patrol service so that together we can keep your children safe.